Brunch 8am – 3pm

TOASTED SOURDOUGH, seasonal jam | peanut butter |  honey 7.9 [GFO]

BACON & EGG ROLL, house made bun, piquillo ketchup 10.9

HOUSE MADE GRANOLA, local stone fruit, vanilla yoghurt 12.9 [V]

EGGS BENNY, milk bun, poached eggs, hollandaise, free range ham,
or house smoked salmon 19.5 [GFO]

BLUEBERRY & RICOTTA  HOTCAKE, banana, cinnamon butter, maple, pecans  16.9 [V]

SMASHED AVOCADO ON TOAST,marinated feta, summer quinoa salsa 17.9 [V, GFO]                                                       

SK BREAKFAST, potato hash brown, bacon, poached egg, smokey beans, mushrooms, piquillo ketchup 21.9 [GF]

CORN & ZUCCHINI FRITTER,hash brown, bacon, poached egg, mushrooms, piquillo ketchup 21.9 [V,GF]

SALMON & AVOCADO SALAD BOWL, kale, apple, radish, poached egg, slivered almonds 22.5 [GF]

ZUCCHINI & PARMESAN OMELETTE, rocket, pinenuts, ricotta, sourdough 21.9 [GFO]

TURKISH BAKED EGGS, piquillo peppers, pickled chilli, labnah, sourdough 21.9 [V,GFO]

SK SOURDOUGH TOASTIE – double smoked leg ham, three cheeses, red onion pickle 12.9 [GFO 14.9]

FREE RANGE EGGS, poached, scrambled or fried, toasted sourdough 12.9 [GFO]

Egg 2.5 |Avocado 5.5 |Bacon 5.5 |Black pudding 5.5|Hollandaise 3.9 |Mushrooms 5.5 |SK smoked salmon 5.5

Gluten free option [GFO] | Gluten free [GF] | Vegetarian [V]


Available from 11.30am-3pm

MEATBALL PANINI, provolone, house bun 14.9

DUKKAH CALAMARI, spring tabbouleh, lemon yoghurt 18.9


ROCKETS & PARMESON SALAD, aged balsamic, 8

SPICED ITALIAN FRIES, mixed herb salt, paprika



BANANA SPLIT, vanilla gelato, toasted marshmallow, choc caramel sauce, peanut praline 12


Address: 107 – 109 Hill Street, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Trading Hours: Open 7 days
Brunch 8am3pm
Tappy Happy Hour 4pm6pm everyday
Dinner, Pizza, Pasta 5pm9pm

*All bookings of tables over 10 please call 62310828 for availability.

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Takeaway Menu
Takeaway Pizza, pasta, sides and dessert. Please contact us on 62310828  5pm -9pm.
*We aim for around 30 minutes cooking time from when the order has been placed.